Risks to food security of world population from Ukraine war. Impending famine in Africa, consequences of the world export stop. In conversation with Thomas Wegener, CEO GrowExpress Ltd. about the special situation of Nigeria, the opportunities and the investment through cross-border cooperation of the agricultural model – help for self-help.Artikel lesen

GROWEXPRESS stands for sustainability and invests in the future to enable highest efficiency and yield increases directly on site with innovative production methods. GrowExpress Ltd. sees itself as a partner for the transformation from a subsidy economy to an environmentally friendly commercial agriculture and accompanies Nigeria in this transformation.Artikel lesen

About 75 percent make their living directly from agriculture, as well as marketing and processing the produce. Products grown include beans, sorghum (millet), cassava, maize, sweet potatoes, tomatoes carrots, kale, peanuts and tropical fruits for example – Rwanda as an example of successful change.Artikel lesen

GrowExpress Ltd. relies on each other and not against each other. As part of an award procedure, the GrowExpress Group is allowed to take over the management of a large vacant state property in the fertile plains of the OYO National Park. What are the goals of the GrowExpress group?Artikel lesen